Tumblr Begins Rolling Out Polls

The feature will be available across Android, iOS, web

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Tumblr began rolling out polls across Android, iOS and the web Thursday.

The platform said in a blog post that users with access to the feature can click the orange poll icon (in the toolbar on mobile and appearing when a new content block is started in post editor on desktop), write their question and add between two and 10 options for readers to choose between.

Polls can be set to run for one day or one week, and their creators can add commentary should they so desire.

Tumblr wrote in its blog post, “And, just as with any post, you can toggle who sees the poll by using your community labels. Or you can go wild and Blaze it if it meets the content guidelines for Blazing. Come across a poll in the wild? Have your say! Click on your chosen response. Congratulations, you’ve just voiced an opinion. And that’s all there is to it. Have fun out there.”

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