The Garage Podcast: Navigating the Evolution of Retail Media 

Google’s Shawn McGahee and Andra Naylor on the current state and future trends of retail media 

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Welcome back to The Garage: Tools for Retail Media Innovation. Hosted by Evan Hovorka, vp of product and innovation, and Dan Massimino, director of marketing, from Albertsons Media Collective. The Garage dives into the why, the how and the who cares of retail media innovation. 

In the season one finale, our hosts sit down with Google’s head of retail media Shawn McGahee and senior account executive Andra Naylor to discuss the current state of retail media networks, the evolving role of AI, and what the future of the industry will look like.  

During the conversation, McGahee and Naylor delve into the key challenges faced by retail media networks today, highlighting the need for scalability and adaptability in the face of changing market dynamics. They also emphasize the importance of item data and audience targeting in driving effective retail media campaigns and the impact of third-party cookie deprecation on the industry and the need for innovative solutions. 

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