Reddit Details Latest Round of Tweaks to Its Video Player

A swipe-left gesture with picture-in-picture will let users see comments without leaving the video

Reddit shared updates on its ongoing project to revamp its video player.

The platform said it will focus on four major areas where feedback from Redditors indicated that improvements are needed:

  • Performance: Reddit said it has lowered daily mobile playback errors by 68% since beginning the project.
  • Conversation: The platform will introduce a swipe-left gesture over the next few months with a picture-in-picture feature that lets Redditors scroll through a full screen of comments without losing sight of the video.
  • Context: Reddit explained in a blog post, “At the moment, when you view a video in full screen and swipe, the next video in your feed comes from a recommendation. But the truth is, sometimes you just need an infinite scroll of the latest cat loafs (cat loaves?), and we’re here to help. Soon, if you enter the full-screen player through r/catloaf, we’ll only show you catloaf-related media. In the future, you’ll be able to choose the feed you’re in, whether sticking with r/catloaf or scrolling through all the media that your feed has to offer.”
  • Consistency: Reddit noted that there are currently too many ways on its application to navigate in and out of different kinds of media, and it plans to streamline its media player over the next few weeks to provide a uniform experience for commenting, entering and exiting posts, getting to the next post or video seamlessly, shitposting and upvoting.

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