How One Niche Publisher Is Educating & Entertaining Readers in a Coronavirus Environment

As I watched the coronavirus crisis unfold, two things became readily obvious to me as the founder of a small niche publisher – and probably to many fellow Publishing Executive readers. The first was that our revenue at AP Now would dry up overnight (Thankfully, I was mostly wrong on this one) and that it would be inappropriate to go hawking paid content and training at a time when companies were scrambling to get their employees set up at home. The second was that some of our readers were going to lose their jobs.

Mary Schaeffer is the founder of AP Now, a membership organization. AP Now provides business intelligence around the accounts payable and payment functions. This content takes the form of a twice-a-week free ezine, a weekly podcast, a monthly newsletter, a variety of courses for accountants, webinars, seminars and the AP Best Practice certificate program. Schaeffer has a BS in Mathematics and an MBA in Finance. Before founding AP Now, she worked in corporate finance and treasury for three large companies.