Another Case Referred to Facebook’s Independent Content Oversight Board

A post was removed for potential violations of the social network’s policy on violence and incitement

Facebook's independent content oversight board detailed its first six cases earlier this week Facebook

Facebook revealed the details of another case that was referred to its independent content oversight board, joining the initial six cases that were discussed earlier this week.

The social network removed a post in a group that it said appeared to exist for Muslims in India, saying that it violated Facebook’s policy on violence and incitement.

The post contained a statement about a sword being taken from its scabbard if people speak against the prophet, as well as a reference to French President Emmanuel Macron.

The social networks said in a Newsroom post late Thursday, “Facebook referred this case to the Oversight Board as an example of a challenging decision about statements that may incite violence even when not explicit. It also highlights an important tension we face when addressing religious speech that could be interpreted as a threat of violence.”

Facebook director of governance and global affairs Brent Harris said in a Newsroom post earlier this week that once the board reaches a decision on a case, it will update its Newsroom post for that case to share details on the decision and how it was implemented for relevant content, as well as to provide Facebook’s response to policy advisory statements from the board.

He added that Facebook will provide “a comprehensive and fully searchable archive of case decisions and our actions in response” as the board’s activity begins to ramp up. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.