Digital Hot List Issue 2017

Photos: Last Week’s Parties, Panels and More from SXSW to NYC

Rounding up last week's best photos, from the star-studded parties of SXSW to Adweek's Executive Lab sponsored by Nielsen.

How an Immigrant Cabinetmaker Accidentally Invented the Toy That Defined American Childhood

After 75 years, Radio Flyer wagons are still on a roll.

Has Agency Work-Life Balance Reached a Crisis Point?

Adweek’s recent call for U.S. tales of work-life balance woes were nearly unanimous: it happens here, too.

As Soda Sales Suffer, Beverage Marketers Are Shifting to a New Stream of Income: Water

Ads from Poland Spring, Fiji, Lifewtr and others have been cropping up as water consumption surpasses soda.

Q&A: What It’s Like to Run an Entire Agency Dedicated to McDonald’s

Unlimited's president and CEO Brian Nienhaus on plotting the future of fast-food marketing.

Ready Set Rocket Is Helping Brands Find Their Place in the Digital Space

This content-focused New York agency helps clients like Kenneth Cole and Sweetgreen find their place in the digital sphere.

Infographic: Who Is the Millennial Female Micro Influencer?

Everything you need to know about the female millennial "micro influencer"—and how brands can effectively leverage their social media power.

Brands Are Digging Into GIF Data to Understand Consumer Behavior

Tenor shows how brands can use GIFs for insights into consumer behavior.

Adweek’s Digital Hot List: 2017’s Buzziest Apps, Gadgets, Startups and More

Check out all of our picks, including Digital Executive of the Year, Digital Creator of the Year and @POTUS and @RealDonaldTrump for hottest digital obsession.

Trump Jokes Are Paying Off for Late-Night Shows, With Soaring Ratings and Ad Revenue

Post-inauguration, the scatter market is heating up for a resurgent Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee.