Zak New Sunday Source Reporter

Sunday Source Editor Debra Leithauser made the following announcement yesterday:

    I’m delighted to announce that Dan Zak is the Sunday Source’s new reporter.

    For the past year or so, Dan has been a reporter on Metro, covering Southern Maryland during an extended internship that started in our Style Section. Dan’s well-crafted prose has landed him on A1 a few times. (You may recall his story on the Tilden Woods swim team, with a barb about chocolate chips and pancake batter, that fueled a debate on the internal critiques.) He also has had internships at The Buffalo News and Entertainment Weekly.

    Dan stood out from a field of strong candidates thanks to his solid reporting and varied interests. (His likes: David Letterman, “Arrested Development,” putting foot in mouth, crashing film festivals, making impulsive decisions. His dislikes: Jay Leno, seafood, politicians, dealing with the consequences of making impulsive decisions.)

    Dan’s aim will be to write service journalism pieces that are deeply reported while developing a voice readers will follow. Please join me in congratulating Dan on his new post.