Drama Spawns Doc

Producers Chris Adams and Steve Kearney are joining with producer-director RJ Cutler to create a feature documentary about a true-life love story that played out on

The film will follow the romance of teenage video blogger Daniel Meadows, an Austalian who fell in love with an American teen, Shannon Jones, online, where they documented their relationship.

The two young lovers’ efforts to meet were thwarted, however, when Meadows traveled to the U.S., where he he was detained by Homeland Security on suspicion of terrorism.

Kearney, who had followed the affair on Youtube, brought it to the attention of Adams, a co-founder of Particpant Media. Adams in turn enlisted Cutler, president of Actual Reality Pictures, with whom he’d worked on the Web-based TV series Facebook Diaries for

The plan is to fashion a documentary out of a combination of existing YouTube footage and added footage.

The story, Adam said, “is one of those surreal things that you couldn’t hope to write and make up.”

No decision has been made yet whether the finished film will go out as a theatrical or be offered to network, cable or the Web for airing.

“We knew that the Daniel Meadows story was a rich tale, but adding in the shared experience of thousands who became connected via YouTube videos to this global love story is extraordinary,” said Cutler, whose credits as a producer also include The War Room and the TV series 30 Days. “The impact of online video becomes more powerful when we are able to document not only Daniel’s story, but the online community that grew around it. This is a compelling story and I’m thrilled to be a part of the project.”