YouTube Comedian Returns With Another Viral Gold Digger Prank

Social commentary about dating?

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, better known by his YouTube handle VitalyzdTV, is a notorious prankster known for absurd antics like streaking during the World Cup. And he's leading this week's web video viral charts with a new Gold Digger prank.

During the clip, he leads an unsuspecting woman to believe he's the owner of a nearby Lamborghini and suavely convinces her to go for a ride with him, despite only knowing him for a few seconds. However, it's revealed that an older woman is the owner of the luxury vehicle, and Zdorovetskiy's car is the lackluster Toyota parked behind it. Though the younger woman was keen before, she refuses to get his car with him after she discovers the truth.

The YouTube content creator has pulled similar stunts before, including getting random women to ride in a Lamborghini with him without even saying a word. Like most of the videos in the series, the comments have turned into a debate about whether the actions are reflective of the attitudes of all women.

Also notable on this week's chart is a celebratory video from For All Women Network (FAWN) proclaiming that beauty vlogger Michelle Phan has reached 1 billion views. FAWN is a lifestyle channel created by the YouTube-touted web video publisher herself. The announcement has been viewed 4.1 million times.

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