Your Ridiculous Bieber Moment of the Day

It’s summertime. Which means Bieber-time here at FishbowlLA. Because, as we all know, real news doesn’t happen until after Labor Day. And thus we present you with this revolting little nugget from the LA Times about Justin Bieber’s burgeoning perfume empire.

Miranda Santiago has chosen to spend part of her vacation from Argentina camped outside the store, near a life-sized cardboard cutout of singer Justin Bieber promoting his just-released fragrance for women, Someday. Never mind that most of the “women” here today are in middle school.

“I love him! I love him!” wails Santiago. “When I use the perfume, I feel him!” She and the others are vying to be among the first 325 to buy Bieber’s $135 VIP gift set the following morning, which comes with a chance to meet Bieber at Macy’s later in the week.

Bieber made over $3 million in perfume sales in three weeks from Macy’s alone. You hear that journos? Hundreds of thousands of people, from as far as Argentina, are willing to shell out 135 bucks for Justin Bieber perfume. But somehow newspapers can’t seem to stay in business.