You Rule The World

yourule.jpgYou control the fate of the next American Idol. You tear down offensive movie marketing campaigns. You create ridiculous amounts of unwarranted buzz. You make stuff everyone wants to see.

So it’s only natural that marketers want to harness the power that is You.

At OMMA Hollywood Monday, Jason McDonell, director of marketiing for Frito-Lay’s Doritos brand, told a packed house that people don’t mind being marketed to — so long as they have a hand in doing the marketing.

“Doritos, McDonell said, learned that its target consumer–16 to 24-year-olds–embrace self-expression, independence, and something he called “belongingness”–the desire to belong to something. Doritos learned that the target lives a “hyperlife” (life on a multitasking, 24/7 basis); likes creative control and evidence of its own creative DNA (it wants a stage to perform on); and craves authenticity, reality, and relevance. These consumer insights were critical to establishing the framework for Doritos’ consumer-generated Super Bowl challenge.”

We think “belongingness” and “hyperlife” sound a little too Hale-Bopp for our tastes, and want to warn You: You may be hot right now, but You’re notoriously fickle. One stupid slip of the tongue or panty-less photograph, and You’ll be leading a backlash against You in no time.