You Built Them An Encyclopedia For Free, Now Redesign It

Found this among our internet travels today: Wikipedia is looking to redesign their site. Suffering from, as they’ve put it, “design by committee and too many cooks in the kitchen,” the encyclopedia that’s as accurate as Britannica wants to completely overhaul its structure, while keeping some of the brand’s identity, like the puzzle pieces globe. The rub? You want a lot of money for doing this? Or even any money at all? Look elsewhere. Here’s some of the whole scoop:

In the simplest of terms, Wikipedia is looking for graphic designers and visual thinkers to submit proposals for an overhaul of Wikipedia’s “corporate design.” The creation of an elegant yet highly usable Main Page using modified Wikipedia mark-up, HTML, and templates, is the main goal of such a redesign; to improve upon the current iteration in style and function.

Wikipedia also needs a new corporate design. The design overhaul would like the interface used by its users to reflect the serious nature of the project, while also containing a hip style.

There is no deadline for submissions, however it is hoped that a new design can be unveiled at the Wikimania conference, and thus by early August 2006. Images and proposal pages can be submitted on the talk page of this article, or co-ordiated through User:PZFUN. The winner may or may not receive pay, but as the project is entirely funded through donations, the amount would be modest. However, the winner of any such proposal will have their work on one of the most heavily trafficked websites on the Internet and the pride of helping make knowledge more accessible to all, and would be invited to present their design at Wikimania.