You Bet Your Sweet Sottsass We’re Joining LACMA


At first we thought LACMA was giving away this typewriter that Ettore Sottsass designed for Olivetti and we were way excited. But the actual contest is almost as good because what they’re really giving away is a private tour of the Sottsass exhibition so you can bring 10 friends and look at the typewriter as long as you want.

It’s a good idea to support museums who have design collections (MoMA, Walker Art Center and SFMOMA come to mind) because it helps expose more people to design. Apparently, we once had an architecture and design museum here in LA; the A+D Museum had a few months of glory there on Sunset but it’s currently in limbo. In its virtual form, A+D is co-presenting the Sottsass show with LACMA, and Renzo Piano is revamping LACMA’s space, so they’re certainly taking things in the right direction. Or they’re slowly turning over the museum to Italians.

Ettore Sottsass opens at LACMA on March 12 and runs until June 11. Get 20% off a Patron membership, which is $160 instead of $200, and register for this contest by going here. The password–and you won’t soon forget it–is DESIGN.

Update: An anonymous tip just reminded us that the Walker doesn’t actually have a design collection, just design exhibitions. So we’ll add another museum to replace that in the list: the Denver Art Museum, soon to be the permanent home of the AIGA Archives. (We’re so thrilled that we have anonymous tippers!)