YES, WCBS-AM Announcers Celebrate Derek Jeter’s 3000th Hit in ‘Style’

He was already “Mr. November” for a World Series home run in 2001. Now, Derek Jeter has added to his amazing legacy, becoming the first player in New York Yankees history to become “Mr. 3000.”  

But, it was another longball that lifted the Yankee captain into history.

YES Network’s Michael Kay was behind the mic Saturday afternoon in the Bronx as Jeter became just the 28th member of the exclusive club.

‘That’s drilled, deep to left field, going back [Matt] Joyce, looking up— See Ya! 3,000! History with an exclamation point!” Kay screamed. “Oh, what a way to join the 3,000 hit club! Derek Jeter has done it in grand style.” (Watch the clip)

As teammates mobbed Jeter at home plate, Kay and his colleague John Flaherty paused to let the pictures speak for themselves.

After a one minute 45-second respite, Kay resumed his exuberance for the unlikely entrance into 3,000.

“Well, if somebody in Hollywood had gotten together and written this script…”

On radio, John Sterling didn’t miss his chance to bask in the glory of the future Hall of Fame shortstop.

The longtime Yankees play-by-play man, with the backdrop of 48,000 frantic fans, started with his standard home-run call. He was excited, if not somewhat subdued.  

“Swung on, and hit in the air to deep left. That ball’s high, it is far, it is gone! He’s homered,” Sterling continued. “Derek Jeter has homered to tie the game, and there it is–hit number 3,000. Derek Jeter has hit another milestone in his Hall of Fame career.”

Jeter would finish with a 5 for 5 performance, including the eventual game-winning hit in the eighth inning.

In the WCBS-AM Yankees post-game show, Sterling had no shortage of hyberbole.

“[It’s] one of the most exciting moments in baseball history,” Sterling said.

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