Yep, It’s FFA200


It seems like such a simple thing, color, doesn’t it? It’s just…color. It always seems as though you should be able to sit down in front of whatever medium it is that you create things in, think, “This will be in orange” and you make the thing orange and it looks good in orange and everyone says, “I’m glad you picked orange.” But it never works that way, does it? It’s certainly happened to this writer, who has, on more than a billion occassions, spent time scrutinizing over specific colors for animated projects, which, again on many occassions, means that often you are seeing that particular thing, that is that particular color, for, maybe, six frames, 1/4th of a second. So it’s either nice to read this article, “Color My World,” in New Architect Magazine, to help you feel potentially less neurotic, or make you feel more so, now that you’re apt to pick up some more details on how color affects people. Regardless of the outcome, even though it’s primarily written for web designers, it’s a terrific general read. If anything, now that you’ve got your color picked out and approved, you’ll enjoy a break from the Pantone book.