L.A. Retiree Catches Really Big Fish

It has taken 33 years, but in Mexican waters last Tuesday, November 30th around lunchtime, recently retired Los Angeles school superintendent Mike Livingston pulled off the unthinkable. After two hours and 40 minutes, without the benefit of back-up fishing rod reels or assistance from other crew members, he hauled in a new all-tackle long-range fishing world record of 405.2 pounds.

In screenwriting terms, Livingston’s yellowfin tuna is the equivalent of a seven-million dollar spec script deal. Although the full-length feature film treatment seems unlikely, the Sunland based champ could definitely leverage a pitch meeting or two in exchange for a look at the mounted beast.

Mike Lackey, captain of the 80-foot boat on which Livingston managed his feat, marked the occasion by sharing a glass of champagne with the widow of previous record holder Bill Poole (388.7 pounds). While the catch still needs to be officially certified by Florida-based International Game Fish Association, the skipper tells the San Diego Union-Tribune about another matter that may need to be tended to:

Lackey said the Vagabond was fishing below Magdalena Bay at a bank that now will have to be renamed. “We need to call it the 400-pound Bank,” Lackey said.