Yeah, Thanks for the ‘News’ Alert Google…Are You Trying to Get Us in Trouble?!

We got an alert this morning that, Swati Pandey gave us a mention in the LA Times…presumably today.


So we snickered and wrote a whole post about how Kate Coe left FBLA (sniffle) nearly 9 months ago. And second: her hysterically funny assessment of the ‘new’ design for the calender section was two years ago…Oct. 2006.

Oh yes, we put the blame squarely on poor Pandey. Feeling smug about our catching such an error. Teehee. And then – then we took a closer look at the date of the LAT piece. It was also from 2006. EEK!

Which reminded us to this story (published a few weeks ago):

Google is to blame for publishing a six-year-old news story that caused the stock of UAL, the parent company of United Airlines, to drop sharply on Monday, the Tribune said in a statement.

The problem started when Googlebot, the software program that Google News uses to index news sites, mistook one of the most popular stories on the Web site of The Sun-Sentinel, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for breaking news. The story, “United Airlines Files for Bankruptcy,” was then posted on Google News as a new story, even though the original news story was published on Dec. 10, 2002.

The machines are taking over…turning us against each other. That’s a FBLA exclusive, you heard it here first.