Yahoo’s Self-Service Ads Reportedly to Include Premium

Could help slumping sales

In a bid to shore up display ad revenue, Yahoo will reportedly begin offering media buyers a self-service version of its premium ad management tool, Yahoo Ad Manager (YAM) Plus.

Access to the platform comes with a hefty minimum price tag of $10,000 per campaign, according to Advertising Age, which says the tool will be available in September. Yahoo wouldn't comment on the report.

Yahoo's move is seen as an attempt to re-coup some of its recent display advertising losses. The enticement? Buyers can use a platform that gives them access to Yahoo audience data, allowing them to better target their campaigns and still participate in Yahoo's automatic ad-buying programs.

According to Ad Age, Yahoo media buyers who pay the freight get first crack on their bids for Yahoo's display ad inventory before it is offered to the general marketplace in the company's ad exchange.

Yahoo has seen declining ad revenue as media buyers shop around for cheaper alternatives to Yahoo's premium ad management service. The company's premium display ad revenue has also reportedly been hurt by automated ad buying programs.

Yahoo launched YAM Plus in January, but the portal reportedly has experienced its share of difficulties. The company is testing the self-service tool before rolling it out.

Self-service platforms, known as demand-side platforms (DSP), are employed by a number of large tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.

DSPs allow marketers to manage ad campaigns with a single interface.