Yahoo Head of Sales Out After Just Seven Months

That was quick.

The Revolving Door waits for no man. Kevin Gentzel, who joined Yahoo as its head of sales just seven months ago, is already out. Gentzel came to Yahoo from The Washington Post, where he served as chief revenue officer.

While there is no word on why, exactly, Gentzel has been shown the door, Digiday reports that Yahoo has big issues on the ad sales front:

As recently as the past few months, ad buyers were still giving Yahoo low marks for its various products. It has rolled out 13 digital ‘magazines’ like Food and Politics since last year to attract premium advertising, but they’ve failed to gather big enough audiences to impress advertisers.

Agency executives have also complained that Yahoo’s salespeople are slow to respond to RFPs and were heavily focused on selling off-the-shelf deals or pushing them toward Yahoo’s more expensive premium magazine-style native ads — despite the format’s inventory constraints.