10 Not-so-essential (but totally cool) iPhone apps

Not too long ago, 10,000 Words featured 10 Essential iPhone apps for bloggers and reporters. However, as any iPhone owner knows, the gadget isn’t all business. Bloggers and reporters, in addition to photographers, writers, sound editors and logophiles, will find the following iPhone apps are worth a download.

Night Camera

Average Rating: 3 Stars Price: $.99

The iPhone camera is perfect for snapping photos in daylight under perfect weather conditions, but is relatively useless when the sun goes down. Night Camera reduces shakiness and blurriness to optimize nighttime images.


Average Rating: 4 Stars Price: $1.99

Quickly post text, audio, photos and more to Tumblr via the iPhone. The application is heads above the free options floating around the iTunes store.


Average Rating: 4 Stars Price: $9.99

Okay so it’s not exactly ProTools, but FourTrack lets users record and mix tracks on the go. The app has a lot of great features, but sadly no waveform visualization.


Average Rating: 4½ Stars Price: Free

Turn your iPhone into an eReader with this app that gives users access to over 40,000 new and classic books. Perfect for reading Pride and Prejudice during endless meetings.


Average Rating: 3½ Stars Price: Free

You could take a bunch of pictures on the iPhone, upload them to a stitching program and create panoramas. Or you could just use PanoLab’s simple tool for creating vertical and horizontal panoramas. PanoLab Pro ($4.99) has additional image correction features.


Average Rating: 4 Stars Price: Free

WeDict is hands down the best, and most user-friendly dictionary application. And who can argue with the price?


Average Rating: 2 Stars Price: Free

Using a computer keyboard is one thing, but to become an iPhone typing master takes practice. Use this app to improve your dexterity and send those text messages with lightning speed.


Average Rating: 3 Stars Price: $1.99

Admit it: You check your blog stats every few hours (if not minutes). Stats junkies can check the latest numbers from their Google Analytics accounts using this nifty app.

Coffee Finder

Average Rating: 4 Stars Price: Free

Ah, coffee. The saving grace of many a web worker. If you’re craving a cup of joe, use this app to find the nearest Starbucks to get things brewing.


Average Rating: 3½ Stars Price: $.99

If you’d rather skip the coffee but absolutely need to be somewhere important, iNap uses the iPhone’s GPS technology to notify you when you are approaching your destination, giving you some time to catch some Zs. Not recommended for those behind the wheel.