Xenophobia? At CBS? Heck, our Texas affiliates can’t even spell that…

CBS_logo.jpgNow that the Black Eye Web has been recently pummeled worse than the DNC’s Terry McAuliffe on the morning of November 3rd, it’s reassuring to peruse the www.cbs.com website and realize they’re singing the same tune as the polyester-tie boys over at Fox – the Star-Spangled Banner, off-key, real loud:

At the bottom of this hour, CBS leads with an item about a four-passenger Cessna single-engine plane that crossed the Mexico-Texas border illegally. Not a direct utterance of the T-word pronounced by George Bush in a way that always sounds as if he’s saying “War On Tourism,” but they’re getting there: “Federal authorities said…that those aboard the craft appeared to be Chinese,” said San Antonio CBS affil WOA.

Well, thanks for that, and dial the Fright Meter up to – what is it, now, purple? They “appeared” to be Chinese. Does WOA have any clue how many small-plane flight plans are filed each day with the FAA? How many veer off course? How many intentional illegal immigrants actually cross over each hour? How dull for us here at Fishbowl to realize that immigration, perhaps the fastest-growing journalistic beat world-wide, takes its cues from the not-so-dormant xenophobia that’s always been hard currency whenever the Heartland is scared. And it scares easy.