What was Congresswoman Frederica Wilson Thinking?

We’re not fashion consultants, but we might as well be because we have no idea what in the world Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) was thinking when she woke up this morning, got dressed and pulled this crazy ass ensemble out of her closet. Is it Halloween? Was she going for a peachy cowgirl look? And what is that giant peach octopus doing on the left side of her blazer?

Of course, the topic during her morning MSNBC appearance was deadly serious as Trayvon Martin lived in her district. Her fashion failure only serves to strip her message. “It was a not a shock to me,” she said of Trayvon’s death. “I have seen it happen over and over again and it’s a conversation that must never end. We must talk about it. We must educate our young boys. We must talk to police officers. We must educate them, because there is this natural tension between black boys and the police. It is not a perceived tension. That tension exists and we need to find ways to calm that tension because it always leads to trouble.”

Good message Frederica. Very questionable attire.