WSJ Editor Elaborates on Trump ‘Lies’ Statement

This is not a time for nuance.

Wall Street Journal editor Gerard Baker has elaborated on his ridiculous stance that the Journal should be “careful” addressing Donald Trump’s many, many lies.

“The issue is not whether we reporters should test what he, or anyone, says against the known and established facts and offer a fair assessment of its veracity,” wrote Baker. “We do that all the time. We have a duty to our readers to ascertain whether the people we report on are telling the truth. The question is how we present our reporting.”

Baker went on to explain that “the right approach is to present our readers with the facts” and that “does not mean presenting a false equivalence between one person’s inaccurate statement and the observable truth, as though they were of equal epistemic value, but a weighing of a claim against the known facts.”

His piece ended with just one of many Trump lies.

“When Mr. Trump claimed that millions of votes were cast illegally, we noted, high up in our report, that there was no evidence for such a claim. No fair-minded or intelligent reader was left in any doubt whether this was a truthful statement.”

The problem, of course, is that last sentence. Plenty of people obviously did believe this lie and the hundreds of other lies that Trump has told; he wouldn’t be our president otherwise.