Wow, Now That’s a Correction

WaPo‘s recent correction on an April 17th Travel section story has it all. Andy Warhol, rabbit-fur caps (as portrayed here), Warhol’s cousin, Warhol’s elderly aunt, confusion over how many journeys the freelancer made to write the piece and a continuous lack of attributions throughout the story.

Deserves points for being so spectacular.

Editor’s Note: This article in the April 17 Travel section included material that was taken without attribution from a documentary film. The article explored the Warhol museum in Medzilaborce and the reaction of Warhol’s relatives in nearby Mikova to the late artist’s notoriety. The writer, a freelance contributor to The Post, described a scene of men in rabbit-fur caps fixing a car exhaust and giving directions to the relatives’ home and mentioned passing a Soviet tank. Those scenes appeared in “Absolut Warhola,” a 2001 film by Stanislaw Mucha. The writer also used without attribution quotes from the documentary of conversations with Warhol’s cousin Michal Warhola and Warhol’s elderly aunt. In addition, while the article appeared to be based on a single trip, in fact it was based on several journeys, including one 10 years ago. The Post apologizes to filmmaker Stanislaw Mucha and to its readers for these lapses.

See the grand correction with the full story here.

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