Wow — Horrible Placement for an Ad


To tout the coming season premiere of TBS’s “The Bill Engvall Show,” the network has been running a promo at the bottom of the screen during episodes of “Family Guy” that is impossible to miss. Mr. Engvall, with a remote control in hand, starts speaking over the dialogue being uttered by Stewie, Peter, Brian and other members of the animated comedy’s Griffin clan.

Mr. Engvall quickly uses the remote to freeze-frame the show and continues talking. After delivering a promotional message, he lets “Family Guy” roll on, only to let the audience discover after a few seconds that the show is breaking for a commercial.

We’re just going to take a stab at it and guess that those watching Family Guy are not big Bill Engvall fans. We’re thinking that interrupting an episode of a dark, edgy, weird animated comedy for what is essentially a re-worked Reeba – is like promoing Desperate Housewives during NFL playoffs.

TBS. Very funny.