Would Bloggers Have Stopped Buchwald’s Career?

From the Washington Post’s obituary of Art Buchwald:

    The budding humorist lived in a series of foster homes, and he and his three sisters saw their father only on Sundays. When he turned 17, Buchwald lied about his age and escaped into the Marine Corps. The Marines, he wrote, got “full credit for straightening me out.” He served in the Pacific during World War II. He attended the University of Southern California for three years and then dropped out after learning that he could use the GI Bill to study in Paris.

    Once there, Buchwald conned his way into a glamorous, albeit low-paying, job as nightlife and entertainment columnist for the European edition of the New York Herald Tribune. He knew nothing about haute cuisine, he later recalled, but got the job by claiming to have been a wine taster in the Marine Corps. He said he faked his role as food critic by making sure to ask if the mushrooms were fresh.

You’ve gotta be honest: Nowadays, had someone secured a columnist gig for a major paper by lying about his credentials, it wouldn’t take long before bloggers outted them. That’s a noble service that bloggers provide, for sure, but it’s also interesting to note, in Buchwald’s case, what we may have potentially lost (Buchwald’s career) had his little fib been discovered and, as a result, it permanently set him back or discouraged him from journalism.

Food (with fresh mushrooms) for thought…