Digital First Media Exec Touts the Power of Mobile Video

All sorts of fascinating info has been coming out of this week’s World Publishing Expo in Berlin. Among those keeping tabs on the proceedings and in some cases sharing Google docs via Twitter about the presentations has been’s Sarah Marshall.

Today, Digital First Media CEO John Paton spoke about his company’s expanding reliance on TOUT, a video App the Wall Street Journal started making use of in 2012. Other media companies running with the technology include CNN, ESPN and UK’s The Sun newspaper. The Digital First Media effort encompasses 1800 reporters:

The mobile video App is now used in 75 Digital First Media newsrooms. Journalists create and publish videos on the move in near real-time, with most going live in about 30 seconds.

Two months on from launch and Digital First Media journalists are creating between 5,000 and 7,000 videos a day, and the company has now notched up 25 million video views, Paton said.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that half of Digital First Media’s audience now comes through mobile devices. Paton during his speech used the example of the recent Colorado floods as a story that was greatly enhanced by the use of this “new kind of video television.”

[Image courtesy: /teamtout]