Workplace Tardiness Blamed On Traffic, Clown Duties

This CareerBuilder survey doesn’t tell us exactly why, but more employees are getting to work on time these days. Sixteen percent surveyed said they’re late to work at least once a week, down from 20 percent the year before.

The most commonly cited reason for lateness was traffic, according to the CareerBuilder press release. More creative, and amusing, are some of the “most outrageous excuses” shared by hiring managers. A few of the highlights:

  • I dreamt I was already at work.
  • I had to go to the hospital because I drank antifreeze.
  • I had an early morning gig as a clown.
  • I saw an elderly lady at a bus stop and decided to pick her up.

That’s no excuse—bring the old lady to work! Based on that survey we blogged about yesterday, she’s probably looking for part-time work anyway.

Photo: Mel B.