Woodward Wannabe Leaves Politico

Leaving so soon? Veteran reporter John Maggs has left Politico. He began covering economics for Politico in late September 2010. The Columbia grad was pegged as a Woodward wannabe for writing on his Facebook page, “Ever since ‘All the Presidents Men,’ it has been my dream to follow in Bob Woodward‘s footsteps, and now I am. Every day, I am going to be parking my car in the garage at 1401 Wilson Blvd, where Bob Woodward and Deep Throat met, on my way to my new job as an economy reporter on the White House team for Politico. Like Woodstein, VandeHarris has shaken things up. Cool to be a part of it.”

When we put in a call to him, a receptionist replied, “He’s no longer with the company.” But he can’t be too upset with Politico. This afternoon on his Facebook page he promotes a variety of stories from his former workplace.

His last story was published at 4:35 a.m. on Feb. 7. Before Politico, he worked in Washington for the New York-based Journal of Commerce. Weirdly his Facebook page makes it look like he works for National Journal Group, but we have confirmed that he does not. Rather he used to work there.

Politico management so far has no comment on the matter.