Woodward Update (with LKL Drinking Game)

Woodward News:

  • Patrick Fitzgerald plans to convene another grand jury with regards to Plamegate. Many think it’s connected to Bob Woodward’s revelation last week and could result in new indictments.

  • The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto captures the craziness of Plamegate:

  • Deborah Howell, the Post’s Ombudsman, has some rebukes for Woodward. Money quote:

      There ought to be clear rules, easy for readers and Post staffers to understand, about Woodward’s job at The Post. He has to operate under the rules that govern the rest of the staff — even if he’s rich and famous.

  • Says Newsweek : Curiously, Bob Woodward left Richard Armitage off of his source denials.

  • Howard Kurtz’s conversation with Len Downie (and Maureen Dowd) on yesterday’s “Reliable Sources.”

      DOWNIE: You know, Bob has become very famous. And it’s difficult to cope with that kind of fame, I think, for anybody. But it also gives him extraordinary access.

  • Washington Whispers discovers that Woodward commands 50K a speech.

  • The Times of London says Woodward’s source was Stephen Hadley.

  • The Post’s Saturday editorial on Woodward.

Question: Will Downie feel compelled to make Woodward write more normal, non-book preview articles for the Post (i.e. do more daily reporting and/or editing) in order to diminish Woodward’s rockstar status?

Drinking game for tonight’s Larry King Live (after all, Woodward’s a slow talker, so you might need a distraction):

1. Every time Woodward says “I should have…” take a sip.
2. Every time Woodward says “I’m sorry…” take a gulp.
3. If Carl Bernstein manages to sneak his way onto the program, chug.
4. Every time Woodward says “junkyard dog…” finish the darn thing.
5. If Larry says, “And now to your phone calls. From Santa Rosa, California, M. Felt…you’re on the air,” do keg stands.
6. If Woodward gets sick of the questioning, stands up, says “I’m rich, beyotch” and then walks off the seat (in true Novak fashion), start a bonfire with copies of “All the President’s Men.”