Wolfram Alpha Updates Facebook Analytics, Could Be Useful Or Something

So Wolfram Alpha, the bizarre search engine that lets you find out things like the nutritional values of 10 peanut M&Ms or what a 30-sided polyhedron looks like has a Facebook Report. It connects to your account through an app and gives you information on your most popular statuses, when you post the most, and where your friends live.

The tool also shows a graph of your friends and how they are connected to you and to each other. As HR guy Steve Boese says that this isn’t just a cool tool.

It also provides a bit of a starting point for analyses of internal networks. Wouldn’t you like this level of detail, depth, and presentation of information for your LinkedIn connections, or better still, the actual people you work with, sell to, or attempt to influence in some manner? Networks are better when we actually understand them, I think.

The most useful aspect for job seekers may be how the report sorts your friends into “social insiders,” “social connectors,” “social gateways” and more — basically the service is telling you who you know who knows a lot of people you don’t! We can think of about a million ways that could be useful.

To get your own report go here.