WMA Goes Legal on NY Post

Variety reports that the William Morris Agency has retained Very Powerful Lawyer Bert Fields to demand that the New York Post print a retraction of various recent purportedly libelous items in the paper describing alleged mass client departures and financial problems at the agency. Variety quotes Fields discussing the issue in highly technical legalese:

“I have a good idea who it was that put the Post up to spreading this vicious load of garbage,” Fields said. “When I can make a positive identification, that amoral snake is going to be sorrier than the Post.”

Fields has sent a less-heated letter to the Post denying various printed allegations. No word on who this “amoral snake” may be.

Nikki Finke Note: FishbowlLA received an email from Finke with the subject line ‘William Morris Hires Fields to go after New York Post!’ last night at 9:04 PM. The Variety story was posted at 10:00 PM. Let it be inscribed in the Book of Truth that Finke beat Variety by a whopping 56 minutes! I’m sure her lead-time would have been longer if she hadn’t had such a busy night, about which, more later.

UPDATE: Kausfiles notes that Bert Fields was also Susan Estrich’s Threatening-Letter-Writing-Lawyer-of-Choice in her scuffle with Michael Kinsley.