WJLA’s Bomb Threat: Funny, Right?

Around noon yesterday, WJLA was bomb scare central.

A panicked reporter told colleagues that someone had called the front desk to say there was a bomb in the office.

But most employees laughed it off. One reporter on the scene told FishbowlDC: “Our news desk knew about it and were not worried and kinda laughed it off. This reporter stood outside for awhile until she got bored. No one else evacuated. The police came and investigated the place. Not a big deal at all. Just kinda funny.”

ARLNOW.com briefly wrote on the incident saying a police dog sniffed around the building at 1100 Wilson Blvd. but officers found nothing. An ARLNOW.com commenter also ventured a guess as to who caused the chaos: “Disgruntled ex-TBD employee?” the reader wrote on Twitter.

Clarification: ARLNOW did not suggest the bomb scare was by an ex-TBD employee. It was a commenter, explains Scott Brodbeck of ARLNOW.com. The above has been corrected to reflect this.