With This Ring Ties Up Loose Ends in Wedding Mag Community

Jonathan Feit, publisher of Citizen Culture, is back with another magazine. Today, he’s relaunching WithThisRing-Magazine.com — a publication aimed at “anything outside traditional white weddings,” Feit says — with plans to begin publishing a print magazine hopefully timed to the Spring 2009 wedding season.

With the California Supreme Court recently overturning the ban on gay marriage, Feit sees this as a perfect opportunity to launch. “We’ve been waiting for this,” he says. “We got a gift.” He plans to build the brand online and then launch print magazines one by one in the top GLBT cities around the country, likely starting with San Francisco and Boston. “I don’t want to fantasize that something will happen in the next six months, but if we can get some key companies on board, I’d say [the print publication will come] within the next year,” Feit says.

Feit, named a digital driver by the MPA, compares With This Ring to Paul Cloutier’s JPG and Everywhere publications. WTR won’t be entirely user-generated, but Feit hopes people will contribute to the Web site. He created a prototype for the magazine in 2006 and it’s available on the Web site or upon request.