Wired Raising its Rate Base

One of the few magazines to gain credibility in tablet form was Wired. People loved the magazine’s app when it launched, and it continues to be a hit. So much so that Wired is raising its rate base, backed by the app’s popularity.

Adweek is reporting that in January, Wired’s rate base will be boosted by 25,000, up to 800,000. That’s thanks in part to the app, but also to stronger print sales:

Wired’s newsstand sales were soft for the first five issues of the year compared to the average for last year. But print subscriptions have been strong. And in the second half of last year, single-copy sales were up 28.2 percent over the same time period a year before that, helped by digital sales.

A bump in the rate base is music to advertiser’s ears, and making advertisers happy is always a good idea.