Wired, Aussie Library Tie for Number of Facebook Aps

adelaide.jpgAfter sitting through yesterday’s keynote Q&A between Facebook’s Owen Van Natta and Fortune‘s David Kirkpatrick during which Van Natta said magazine brands should utilize his site rather than building separate portals, we decided to waste time go online and find out if any media companies are listening.

After the jump, efforts from Condé, Hearst and … Australia?

In our wildly unscientific survey, it’s clear that some magazine brands have grasped the fan site. Wired won with 2,144 friends, while in a battle of teenybopper mags, Teen Vogue dominated with 1,769 fans to Seventeen‘s 1,418 and CosmoGirl‘s puny 116. GQ‘s 360 friends are few but they are sartorially perfect. (Of course, The New York Times has 10,332.)

Applications are a different story. Despite much blustering and pontification yesterday about their greatness, we only found two magazine branded applications: Seventeen‘s Front Row and Wired‘s Headlines. The Adelaide City Council has one — for its freakin’ library.

For those scoring at home, GQ, Esquire, Cosmo, Sports Illustrated, Inc., New York, Fortune (and a host of others): Zero
The card catalog of an Australian public library: One

Who says magazines don’t understand the Internet?