Wintour: I’m Always Thrilled If Hamish Bowles Is Free


Saturday’s Times of London profiled Vogue European Editor at Large Hamish Bowles on the occasion of the publication of his coffee table book, Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People. The bespectacled, waifish 44-year old most often seen as the center of attention at swishy events on wears neo-Edwardian suits, ”with a mean waist,” according to the profile, ”but he has a tough interior.” Some takeaways from the piece:

–Bowles would not stand a snowball’s chance in hell in passing Jann Wenner’s desk inspections:

”’I find pristine desks to be downright antiseptic and disquieting,’ harrumphs Bowles, who admits that Wintour ‘would be pretty alarmed’ at the sight of his office. ‘You tend to go to her. Despite what people may think, the door is always open.’ Besides, adds Wintour, ‘I’m not sure there’s room in there for me.”’

–Bowles escorted Anna Wintour to Lady Di’s funeral.

–On his relationship with his boss, Wintour:

”He serves not just as some Wintour help-meet, but as an invaluable adviser, protege, and embodiment of Vogue’s DNA. Yet to Wintour’s credit, she has given him the freedom to forge his own identity as an editor, author, curator and guardian of one of fashion’s greatest private collections of couture.”

–On his legacy:

”’He will be looked upon as one of the greatest chroniclers of fashion and decor in our time,’ exclaims Wintour, who says she considers him not just ‘an indispensable superstar’, but ‘my great friend, great escort, and good companion. I’m always thrilled if Hamish is free.”’

(image via timesonline)