WINS Sportscaster Marc Ernay Rails Against ‘Wimbleton’

The Wimbledon Championships began this morning outside of London. The prestigious, major tennis event has been played since 1877.

For almost as long, sportscasters have been pronouncing the city and the championships as “Wimbleton.”

WINS sports anchor Marc Ernay is fed up with the countless errors, year after year. But just other day, Ernay decided to take matters into his own hands. His plan: each time someone on television or radio butchers the tennis tournament name, Ernay wants a $1 donation given to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

“It’d be great to get everyone involved (sports or news; tv or radio) especially viewers and listeners,” Ernay says. “They catch our mistakes all the time, let’s have TV/radio critics and bloggers get in on it, too.”   

He says it’s a win/win, poking some good fun, while most importantly helping a good cause.

As for the specific charity, Ernay selected the Prostate Cancer Foundation because of its work with Major League Baseball for Father’s Day.

“It’s a sad cliche, but we all know someone who’s been affected by cancer.”

Despite only having the idea in recent days, Ernay is quite complete with the process.

“I’m counting on the honor system, like in golf. More realistically, though, this might require radio & TV  [sports talent] to call ‘fouls’ on their colleagues,” Ernay says.

Ernay is hoping to use the social media to help the plan come alive.

“Ideally, we’ll see a post or tweet to the effect of ‘hey, [insert name here] – you owe a dollar to!’ for each infraction,” Ernay says.