WINS Sportscaster Marc Ernay Encourages Broadcasters to Say Wimbledon Correctly for Charity

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships ended Sunday, and with that the opportunity to make the common, albeit lazy, pronouncation error.

1010 WINS sportscaster Marc Ernay, as we reported at the start of the fortnight, has targeted broadcasters mispronouncing “Wimbledon” and has turned their reporting into a fundraiser for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Anyone who heard the mistakes, should simply use social media to alert the person. The individual would then, in turn, owe the charity $1 for each error.

 “But none of them responded directly to me, so I have no idea if they’re actually sending in any money,” Ernay admits.

Plus, the sports anchor would have liked a larger “dragnet” on catching these “offenders.”

“Truth [be] told, it was a little disappointing overall,” Ernay tells FishbowlNY. “There was very good local feedback via Facebook and Twitter, but nothing from outside of New York City.”

Ernay says he hopes to run this campaign next year but, “I’ll start publicizing in early June.”

As for those “offenders,” Ernay says WFAN longtime update anchor John Minko appears to be head and shoulders above the rest.

“I joked on Facebook at some point last week that he should just show up at the Prostate Cancer Foundation offices with one of those giant lottery checks,” Ernay says.

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