Win a Trip to Iowa Via Washington Examiner

To some of you naysayer newspaper readers who are sick of picking your unwelcome Washington Examiner off your doorsteps and lawns, you might want to rethink your rancor for a few minutes.

The Washington Examiner is giving readers a chance to go on an all-expenses paid voyage to Ames, Iowa on Aug. 11 for the debate they’re sponsoring with Fox News (not to worry, doesn’t mean the paper is conservative, wink wink).

“Mitt Romney will be there. We don’t know yet about Rick Perry. But will you be there? Sign up here for a chance to win a trip for two to see the Aug. 11 debate in person in beautiful Ames, Iowa! The critical debate comes at the beginning of the Iowa State Fair, and just two days before the famed straw poll, considered by many as the kickoff of the presidential election.

Visit the opening of the fair, see the butter sculptures, sample the 50-plus different kinds of food on a stick, and watch the candidates jockey for position as they seek the nod to beat President Obama next year.”

Sign up here. Only takes two minutes.