Willow Bay Walks USC Students Through NYC ‘Maymester’

Media companies on the schedule include The New York Times, ABC News and MSNBC.

The list of Manhattan media companies being visited this week and next by USC School of Journalism director Willow Bay (pictured), USC School of Communication director Sarah Banet-Weiser and 16 students is impressive. It’s the school’s first-ever “Maymester” and includes stops at The New York Times, MSNBC, Time Inc., The Huffington Post and ABC News.

Bay, who joined USC in March 2014, was focused from the beginning on figuring out ways to connect her Los Angeles students to NYC’s media industry. From a recent report by USC Annenberg:

As a native New Yorker, Bay said she wants students be immersed in the city and its media-centric opportunities.

“But even more so, I am looking forward to introducing key players in New York City’s media industry to our students,” Bay said. “I know how fruitful this dialog will be.”

On a typical day, the small cohort of 16 selected USC Annenberg undergraduates meet with one or two senior executives and, on some occasions, tour broadcast facilities or meeting environments. During the meetings, companies give presentations on current trends in their industry, challenges and potential areas for growth. This allows students to gain deeper insight into the day-to-day of operations of these various organizations.

There are also a number of lunches and dinners scheduled with USC Annenberg alumni. According to the university, there are approximately 600 grads in New York and another 200 in the surrounding Tri-State area.
[Photo credit: Benjamin Dunn]