Will They Be Modern-Day Bonnie and Clyde?

They won’t likely be old-fashioned bank robbers, but there’s an air of excitement about their presence.

Politics Daily’s Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger introduces us this morning to the couple who will head up the pub’s new investigative unit. They are James Grady, the writer, and veteran investigator Bonnie Goldstein.

The couple comes qualified: Goldstein is a former special investigator to the U.S. Senate and a former investigative producer for ABC News. She’s also been a private detective. Grady is, among other things, author of 13 novels, the latest called Mad Dogs. He’s a former staffer to Sen. Lee Metcalf (D-Mont.). While there, he witnessed the late President Richard Nixon’s impeachment. He worked as investigative reporter for syndicated columnist Jack Anderson, covering politics, crime, drug trafficking and espionage.

Henneberger’s thought behind the launch:

“Investigative newspaper writing has long been a mainstay of American journalism and democracy, pioneered and perpetuated by enterprise reporters Upton Sinclair, Nelly Bly, Ida Tarbell, Woodward and Bernstein, Seymour Hersh, Drew Pearson, Jack Anderson, Jonathan Kwitny, Dan Bolles, Morton Mintz, and Daniel Pearl. Tracking leads and cracking cover-ups, they revealed dangers in our food supply, abuse and neglect of the mentally ill, political influence by organized crime, manufacture of unsafe automobiles, breakdowns in our military, corporate malfeasance, the spread of terrorism, and corruption in the White House.”

Henneberger promises story topics free of partisan agenda.

Read Henneberger’s full explanation here.