Will The Judds Launch the Temporary Museum Movement?

Now that pop-up retail stores are all the rage and museums are struggling to keep their doors open, it only makes sense to merge the two into one successful hybrid, right? And who is at the forefront of this exciting movement? If you guessed Wynonna and Naomi Judd, then you are absolutely correct (if you guessed otherwise, you each owe us $10). The Judds, both the women and the band, have decided to open a temporary museum in downtown Franklin, Tennessee that will honor, you guessed it (another $10 if not), the contribution the Judds have made to the history of country music. The museum will run from today, the 11th, until this Saturday, June 14th, with limited hours. So is this the future of the industry? Museums might just appear one day and be gone the next? Will you wake up one morning to find a Smithsonian next door? And perhaps the most pressing question: will all of them have to be about members of the Judd family?