Will Terrestrial Radio Disappear in 20 Years?


(image via clipart)

The National Association of Broadcasters is taking an extraordinarily aggressive role in challenging the Sirius-XM merger, going so far as to wrap a banner around their corporate headquarters reading ”XM + Sirius = Monopoly.” Mel Karmazin, Sirius’ CEO, has argued that it is precisely that level of aggressiveness that suggests the intensity of the competition for ears.

Enter: Michael Harrison, the editor of Talkers magazine. And his message to the National Association of Broadcasters Radio Show on Wednesday about the future of terrestrial radio is even darker. From The Charlotte Observer via Iwantmedia:

”’The next 15 years will be the demise of terrestrial radio as we know it and the rise of the extraterrestrial,’ he said. Just as Vaudeville gave way to movies and horses to the automobile, he said, radio will be overtaken by gadgets that serve people’s needs more efficiently.”

Harrison cites the decline in ad revenues and the vulnerability of music formats because of competition from a variety of sources. Harrison’s somber assessment comes in the wake of controversy over the new electronic radio measurement tracking proposals in New York.