Will Obama be Our First Tabloid President?

Hard to miss the shots of our incoming President topless on the beach in Hawaii…those workouts are paying off, O! But an article over at Politico today points out that we may be treading on new ground here in terms of paparazzi and the Presidency. How much is too much (and how much skin is too much!) and who exactly has access to Barack Obama’s highly protected inner circle, particularly his daughters?

The paparazzi shots were frustrating for the photographers who are part of the press pool following Obama in Hawaii, but are restricted from approaching the president-elect’s compound. They wound up having to explain to their editors why they don’t have the same photos. It turns out a paparazzo with a large telephoto lens — and in apparent full view of the Secret Service — parked himself on the beach in Kailua, which is public.

One wonders how intrusive the papparazzi will be allowed to be once Obama is officially sworn in, but also, considering the amount of attention and sales the Obamas manage to generate one wonders how aggressive magazines, particularly in a time when they are all so desperate for sales, will be in pursuing elusive pics.