Will Microsoft’s New Ads Successfully Sting Apple After All?


One of our favorite commentators, Eric Karjaluoto, has returned in fine form over at ideasonideas to talk about a seemingly one-sided topic we’re, frankly, getting a little tired of hearing about: this week’s on-going discussions about the new Microsoft ads, particularly about the company’s newest series of spots which directly respond to Apple‘s “I’m a Mac” series. While most comments on many sites were vaguely, often reluctantly pleased with the two Jerry Seinfeld with Bill Gates spots, the general consensus surrounding Microsoft’s latest, featuring people from all walks of life, with a little celebrity mixed in to taste, saying, “I’m a PC!” was largely “Man, they sure dropped the ball on this one.” Yet Karjaluoto sees things a little differently and helps to stand up for those of us who use both platforms and find positives in each place. In the five second summary, he thinks Apple’s campaign has grown a bit long in the tooth, why Microsoft’s agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky knows what they’re doing, and why Apple might deserve a little picking on after some recent design struggles and acting a bit too much like an overlord (“looks more like Microsoft in the 90s”). Granted, it’s just an opinion, and we might not agree with everything Karjaluoto says, but it’s certainly well worth a read.