Why You Really Need To Be On LinkedIn (And Why You Are Helping Make Reid Hoffman Rich)

Last week, LinkedIn went public, selling millions of shares at $45 each which quickly boomed to $94.25 at the end of the day.

That means LinkedIn is now worth $9 billion.

In honor of the IPO, Business Insider created a chart showing where the company’s money comes from.

Here it is:

Worth noting: The bulk of LinkedIn’s revenue last year (about $150 million) came from a combination of subscriptions and marketing (aka advertising). So everyone on LinkedIn trying to find a job, viewing those ads and/or paying for that premium subscription so you can “InMail” potential contacts—those folks are bringing in the majority of the company’s dough.

But the fastest growing segment of LinkedIn’s business and the biggest single contributor to the bottom line is “hiring solutions,” or recruiting.

That means that now, more than ever, companies are finding candidates on LinkedIn. Are you findable?