Why Washington, D.C. Gossip Sucks Part II

Lots of sucky Washington gossip this week.

It may seem like I’m picking on Judy “Howiella” Kurtz this week, but it’s only because I am. You can’t give me this much ammunition and expect me not to fire!

Her post today is like an advertisement for Restaurant Week in DC. It’s not really an event, nor is it worth being covered in a gossip column, yet there it is leading off her video segment.

Then she offers up an event focusing on Julia Child. If the movie Julie and Julia didn’t sour you on the concept of Child, listening to someone talk about a book about her will finish the job.

Finally, who wants to hang out with a beauty queen? No one when that beauty queen has the title “Mrs. DC.” “Hey, come hang out with a hot married woman” isn’t exactly a siren call. Mrs. America is a pageant you have to let people know exists and then convince them of it when they inevitably reply, “Is that real?” Pass.

And not to pile on Ms. Kurtz, who reminds us of a poor man’s local news anchor, but memorize the script or put the cue cards directly under the camera. She was looking off to her right so frequently I kind thought staff was restraining her publicity-loving father from running out and taking over the shoot.