Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

Timeliness isn’t everything in journalism, but when you’re the premier gossip column of Washington, WaPo‘s “The Reliable Source”, you’d think you might want to get things into the hopper on the day something broke.

But here we have it. “The Unreliable Source’s” lead item Thursday — all 516 words of it — was
all about … The Hill‘s lead item … Wednesday!

On a positive note, the gals languishing over at TUS managed to get some interesting details on couples that have emerged from The Hill‘s 50 Most Beautiful.

An excerpt:

Not surprisingly: “You do realize people date off this list, right?” a finalist told Hill staff at one of the photo shoots. In fact, there are at least three known couples from “Most Beautiful” lists over the years. Hanz Heinrichs (2005) wed Rebeccah Ramey (2007),Carling Dinkler (2004) andAyame Nagatani (2005), and this year’s Erik Olson is engaged toJess Smith (2007). The pair will tie the knot in November.


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