Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

WaPo‘s “The UnReliable Source” (T.U.S.) goes into major self analysis today in a TBD story regarding the ins and outs of  the newspaper’s blog, “Celebritology.” TBD takes a thorough look at the ever fascinating terrain of whether T.U.S. overlaps with Celebritology.

Apparently it does. Or it doesn’t. Depending on who you ask. According to T.U.S.’s Amy Argetsinger, it does not and certain things are T.U.S. territory so back off.

“Argetsinger says certain stories are Reliable Source territory: Jennifer Aniston hitting D.C., for instance, or almost anything involving Michaele and Tareq Salahi. ‘Salahi is us,’ she says. She also thinks it’s a stretch to view these Washington Post properties in tandem. ‘I think the Reliable Source/Celebritology comparison is a little false. Our core competency is reporting about Washington,’ Argetsinger says. ‘Our lead item is almost always going to be local and original and about Washington. Most of what Celebritology is doing is riffs and meditations on pop culture.'”

Unless there’s a secret Unrealiable Source hiding behind a paywall, this just isn’t so and the vanilla ice cream is screaming out to them. T.U.S. often bleeds into inexplicable national celebrity territory as evidenced by recent lead stories on non-Washingtonians like Justin Bieber (they blew the item way the hell up by answering readers supposed questions on the matter), “Another Bachelorette Calls it Quits,” Demi and Ashton‘s split, Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner‘s broken engagement, something pivotal about Ashton Kutcher‘s Twitter feed, Hugh Grant‘s love life and People‘s Sexiest Man Alive Bradley Cooper.